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The Most Fascinating Woman in America


In a life filled with meaning and accomplishment, Cecilia S. Johnson has emerged as one of the conservative movement’s most compelling young figures. As the founder of multiple urban  she has helped create an environment in Missouri where minority voices and issues are heard prompting real solutions.

Originally from a small trailer park in Southeast Arkansas, her mother announced she was moving her and her little sister to the East Side of Kansas City, MO. Unwilling to move, she tried everything she could to keep her mother from moving to such a violent area where she would surely be robbed and shot as shown on TV. In 1997 she ​moved to the city and quickly adapted to the faster pace of life there. She spent the remainder of her child and teenage year in various failing inner city public schools. In 2006, she graduated from Central Greek Classical Academy, at the time labelled one of the worst performing schools in the state of Missouri.

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