The Life of the Party:

Memoirs of The Hood Conservative

Born with a plastic spoon in her mouth, Cecilia S. Johnson walks you through her diverse and often traumatic upbringing that led to her becoming one of the most compelling young figures in the conservative movement.

Orginally from a small trailer park in Southeast Arkansas, she moved to the rough inner city of Kansas City, MO at the age of 10. Ultimately adapting to her violent neighborhood and graduating from one of the lowest performing schools in the state, she felt herself floating through life with no real direction until stumbling upon the conniving world of politics and fell in love with it. Through politics she was led to her other passions of helping others particularly women entreprenuars and young inner city girls.

A true purging of her soul, Cecilia opens up about her battles with low self-esteem, suicide attempts, phsyical and sexual abuse at the hands of those she's trusted, the depression brought on by the verbal abuse of those in her race due to her political beliefs, and the moment her world seemingly ended as she watched every breath of life leave her 3 year old daughter as she sat by her hospital bed. This page turner is the ultimate story of a survivor determined to make each day better than the last and help others along the way.

Who is this book for?

  • Republicans/Conservative

  • Raging tolerant liberals who support Black Women living their truth

  • Women of all Races - particularly Black women

  • Friends and Family

  • People that love to laugh

  • Believers

  • Young people seeking to find themselves

  • Those suffering from low self-esteem

  • Those in or previously in abusive relationships

  • Those seeking to overcome trauma

  • Anyone looking for a compelling story

  • Everyone else in between!

© 2020 by Cecilia S. Johnson